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STL is a Russian company that was started in the beginning of 1998 by its President Niel Bainton. Mr. Bainton has a vast experience of working on the Russian market on the management board of such big companies as Pepsi-Cola, DuPont. At present STL provides service to over 30 regular clients. Among them there are well-known corporations such as

     * Oleina C.A. (Moscow representative office of OLEINA (France));
     * Leucadia International Corporation (Moscow representative office of US Investment company);
     * Mayer, Brown, & Platt's law offices (UK);
     * ICO Global Communications (USA);
     * "The Voice of America" (US radio station).

The company staff has both, certified professionals with extensive experience and beginners, working under their senior colleagues’ supervision. This lets us to use a flexible pricing and keep the service at acceptable levels.

Company’s Objective - employ new western concepts in the field of computer technology using the experience built in Russia in a way which is relevant to the companies on the Russian market which directly contributes to decrease the clients expenses.

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